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Welcome to MinxPrada. Home of Lady Queenie Minx, A celebration of Female dominance and alpha female style.

Stilettos, luxurious genuine leather footwear. Knee-high, thigh-high, ankle Boots custom made uniquely as She is. Handmade leather utensils to use as She sees fit. To strut as a Queen and control her Empire. Opulent, bespoke, luxe authentic pieces to be wielded and worn. High Heels delicacy is what awaits. Each pair is exclusive and is one of a kind. Priced appropriately with a range of ways to pay.

Respect and communication are Femdom. The alpha woman demands respect. She deserves divine delicacies to wrap herself in. Minx Prada has everything fetish that one could wish for. Ready to shop 👇

The Good Sub is a tale that is based on a true story. Here you may purchase a hard copy or grab a link to Audible 👇

What is a Hypnodomme? Lady Queenie Minx is a professional Hypnotist, a combined dominant lifestyle with a commanding, authoritative yet hypnotic tone enabling a trance-like experience to become completely submissive is what Queenie does best as well as strutting in her high heels. Whether you are into a pre-recorded trance audio or you wish to zoom in and submit live streaming with lady Queenie minx, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be back for more. 👇

If you are a fan of Lady Queenie Minx, become one of her Only.....Stiletto Ghetto offers full-length, unedited, videos and photos that only Lady Queenie Minx fans have exclusive access to. Become an Only LQM fan 👇

Here are a few of my favorite things that I’ve discovered along the way ready to share with you all, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the ride.


Bespoke Handmade Masquerade Masks

Bespoke Handmade Masquerade Masks made lovingly by Queenie Minx.

Handmade Masquerade Masks for balls, formals and parties, Queenie can customise most of the masks to your colour scheme and also make couple’s matching masks.