What is a Hypnodomme? What is Hypnosis?

Firstly, a Domme is a term for Dominatrix. Hypno is the art of submission through Hypnosis, dominating and controlling your mind. The art of seductively lullabying a person into a hypnotic state, a trance with my voice. Subliminally connecting with your soul. A Hypnodomme.

I am Queenie Minx. I am the Hypnodomme.

Can I become hypnotized? How often could I become hypnotized? What does it do to me?

My pet. You could certainly become hypnotized by the tones and vibrations of my voice, which would instantly vibrate your soul. You would become entranced by my soothing sounds of my voice in your ear, in your mind, connecting and communicating with your inner self, you would become hypnotically under my spell.