What is a Hypnodomme?

Female Dominance!
March 4, 2019
Hypnodomme Trance
November 19, 2019

You may wonder? What is a Hypnodomme? What is Hypnosis? What is a Domme?

Firstly, Hypnosis in my case is the art of submission and seduction through My Hypnotic Trances, easily dominating and controlling your mind...It is the art of seductively lullabying a person into a hypnotic state, a trance with My Irresistible Voice. Subliminally connecting with your soul...Secondly, A Domme is a term for Dominatrix...Hence I Am Your Hypnodomme.

I am Queenie Minx. I Am Your Ultimate Hypnodomme!

You may wonder...Can I become hypnotized? How often could I become hypnotized? What does it do to me?

My pet...You could certainly become hypnotized by the tones and vibrations of my voice, which would instantly vibrate your soul. You would become entranced by the soothing sounds of my voice in your ear...in your mind...powerfully connecting and communicating with your inner self, you would easily become hypnotically under my spell.

I would become like a magnet to you...My energy would become magnetizing in your mind. I could and will connect with your thoughts; Weaving a web around your mind...around your soul. Like a magnet...Magnetically entrancing you with My voice, My thoughts, My seductive sounds, in your quickly weakening mind...

Those thoughts are so intriguing...Aren’t they?

I will instruct you how to feel...How to obey My every word. My every command. You will do everything I ask of you. The trance I put you in...Which you will experience with Me will enhance you Subliminally. You will helplessly become submissive...You will start to become submissively, hypnotically obedient. Your entire purpose will become to please Me.

You will do as I say. You will feel your purpose is to feed My every desire. You’ll do as I say. You will feel your only desire is to please me...My every desire...My every command...My every wish...My every wish will become your deep desire to fulfill. You will do as I say...There is no other way...My ways will become your ways...Every time...Every word from My mouth...My voice in your ear, becomes the voice inside your mind...Inside your soul...My desires are everything to you...

Your purpose in life.

You will feel purposeful. You will develop an addiction. You will become addicted to My everything, your desire. Pleasing me will fulfill your desires...You will know your purpose. You will desire the feeling of being purposeful. You’ll simply do as I say, without thought...without hesitation

You’ll do as I say............

You’re already hearing me in your mind...aren’t you? You are becoming mine. Your desires are of Me. I am becoming your everything. You’ll obey every word I say. You are mine.

You are mine...You’ll do whatever I ask of you...Every time. You’ll do as I say...You are all mine...I am your addiction...Your desire...You have a purpose now. Your purpose is to please Me.

You will do as I ask of you. You will feed My desires as I control your mind, your body, your soul and your desires. You are mine.

You belong to Me...You are My Hypnotic Slave. You are My property...You have a purpose...Your purpose is to do everything I ask...As I whisper into your ear...penetrating your submissive mind...binding it to Me...making it more and more Mine.

You are mine...Mine to completely transform...Mine to make suffer from longing for Me. Mine to reach into the depths of your soul. Mine. You are my submissive. My pet. You will do as I say. Mine.

I will entrance you into the deepest depths of your submission. Anything I desire, you will obey. I will completely transform you. You will become transformed into whatever I desire.

I will completely transform you into a programmed robot or a pussy slave... Perhaps even a feminized sissy slut if I so wish...You will be completely submissive. Your purpose is to feed My desires. I can take you from being a weak Male into My sissy slut servant. The tone of My voice...the feeling it gives you when my desires are heard in your ears...resonating in your mind as I subjugate your will...Your souls only desire will be to please only me.

Whatever my Garnet Heart desires, you will do as I say.

Your body, your mind, your hypnotized slave soul will become reprogrammed...

You will crave my voice. You will be and are completely addicted to My voice...My desires. Your purpose is to please only Me. You will yearn for My voice.

Your purpose is My everything. You belong to me. You’ll be mine as long as I desire. You will be under my hypnotic spell as long as I desire.

Your place is on the floor. Your entranced mind is completely hypnotized by My every word...My every sound...I’m in your mind...surrounding your soul. You are mine.

You belong to me now. You’ll do as I say. I am your desire.


Entrancing...Hypnotic...Erotic Mind Control penetrating your soul with My Dominant...suggestive...mesmerizing thoughts. When you hear My sounds in your ear...You will become completely relaxed and obedient....When you hear my suggestions to submit to me...You will slip into a trance where you can hear only me...penetrating your soul with My hypnotizing...Mesmerizing...Seductive...Mind- blowing...sounds in your ear.

You will know your place and love it now...Under Me. Your one true purpose...To kiss the ground I walk on...To worship and obey Me as we explore and open desire you did not even know you had except deep in your sub-conscious mind...

To worship My heels. Adore my heels. Suck my heels. You are a slave. Your purpose is to please me, Queenie, no one else. You are my slave. My slut to slap. My slave to punish. My slave to care for. You’re mine slut. You do as I suggest. You obey my wishes. You please me. You are my slut to slap hard. My slut to choke. My whore to whip. My bitch to lock up.

The deep trance you feel is real. You’ll feel deeper and deeper into your submission. You belong to Me now...Feel it...Give up & give in to the feelings You are a SLAVE. You are My SLAVE. You are Mine. My Hypnotized Slave. You will start to release on command soon. You will start to feel your true desires. I am your true desire. Mine. My Bitch. My Slut. My Whore. My Slave.

My true devoted Slave. My Slave Boy...I make obey. To worship Me. To please Me. To feed My every desire. To kiss the ground I walk on. You are my Slave...My Hostage...And I am your desire...Your new addiction...